Welcome Home Club 2023

Thank you to our most gracious supporters.


As a member of the Welcome Home Club, you’ll be a part of an important group of monthly contributors who help our guests navigate the transplant journey with less worry. Members of this group can help fund not just one room night for a family, but a ride to and from the hospital, our full-service kitchen, and a caregiver support group. Because you’ll be helping take care of these needs for them, our transplant families will have more time and energy to focus on what’s most important—taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

*Denotes Welcome Home Club Heart Members – Contributors who make gifts of $21+ per month

2023 Members

Alexander Agres


Alyssa Bailkin

*Linford Bastian

*Larry and Diane Beard

*Debjani and Satya Bhoumik

*Barbara and Robert Bowie

*Richard Bradley

Jacqueline Brown

*Tim Browne

Charles and Marie Bryant

*Domenick Buonocore

Victoria A. Burns

*Ms. Donna M. Caracappa

*James and Karen Carns

*Rosane Clendining

*Sara A. Cohen

*Winifred P. Cooper

Lisa Coscia

Carol V. Cowan

*Ms. Lisa Cuozzo

*Mrs. Theresa Daly

*Ellen Daly

*Mrs. Kerry Doherty

*Robert and Florence Dolceamore

Jean Eberle

Marilyn Esnes

*Denise and Ken Fegley

*Jane French

*Mary Ganikos

Richard and Michele Gavigan

*Sherri Gebhart

Janice Gebhart

*Vicki Goettel

*Genevieve and Henry Grabbe

David Gunlefinger

*Bob and Sylvia Herman

*Erik Hudzik

*Gary and Coleen Jividen

*Samuel and Jean Jones

*Megan Kane

*Deborah Katulis

*Kate Kelly

*Scott and Rupal Kingsley

*Carol and Dean Krautter

*Ann and Jim Kroh

*Lauren’s Foundation

*Mr. and Mrs. James Lavery

*Dr. James Lee

*Glenn and Lois Luse

*Tim and Phyllis Maglone

*Kathy Magner

*Paul Manz

*Nathaniel and Andrea McCollum

*Barbara and Thomas McGarry

*Ben McGinty

William McIntyre

*Barbara and Dennis McKeever

*Michael McVey

Lesa Mercereau

Frank and Karen Mirazita

Richard and Christina Mondschein

*Mr. Patrick J. Moran

*Jeffrey and Debra Morgan

*Judith and Frederick Neagul

*Anita Nealon

*Dana and Donna Nelson

*David O’Brian

*Bonnie O’Connor

*Maryellen and Walter Paget

*Phil Palese

*Vincent and Cynthia Pasceri

*Larry and Diana Paul

*Donna Pilch-Myers and Charlie Myers

Lawrence Porter

*Randy and Rick Presant

*Jim Price

*Andrea and Sean Reynolds

*Mark and Noelle Richardson

*Steven and Audrey Rittenhouse

Mona Sadarangani

*Velma Scantlebury, MD

*David Schauber, Jr.

*Donnie and Alice Sellers

Patricia Shenberger

Cecelia Skierski

*Dr. Neal Stansbury

Dee Stenton

*Darlene Sweitzer

*Trisha Tayan

Kailin Tu

*Lisa Tull

*Amita Verma

*Mr. John Visconi

*Richard and Donna Waechter

*Robert G. Walsh, Sr.

*Jan L. Weinstock, Esq.

*Cynthia and Vaughn Whisker

*Kevin and Mary Wiedel

*Ms. Diane Wilson

*Leah Zenker

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