National Make-A-Will Month

Did you know that August is National Make-A-Will Month?


Each year, many individuals are faced with the task of creating a will, yet many might find themselves putting off this important task. With National Make-A-Will Month approaching, there is no better time to address this crucial aspect of life planning. Make-A-Will Month serves as a suitable reminder of the importance of estate planning and ensuring that your wishes are legally documented and honored. The benefits of creating a will extend far past the peace of mind that it provides.

Throughout the month of August, we are encouraging individuals to plan ahead and create/update their will. Creating a will does not only entail distributing assets, but also making sure that your wishes are carried out accordingly. Without a will, the state in which you reside has control over your assets and decides where they should be distributed, which may not always align with your wishes. Having a will reduces stress and heartache for your loved ones who are already faced with grief and loss.  

While the process of creating a will may seem long and tedious, it is not as time-consuming as you’d think. With the right legal assistance and resources, the process can run very smoothly.

Here at the House, you can ensure the future success of our mission by joining the Legacy Society for Planned Giving. By making a planned gift, you will help to ensure that we can maintain our affordable fees and a broad array of services for all who need us, now and in the future. Legacy Society Member, Sean, emphasized the importance of giving back. “If you really care about a cause or a charity, its good to be able to donate every year, but when you’re gone, those donations stop. If you care about a cause enough to support it, I think its important to keep supporting it even after you’re gone,” Sean explained. Visit the Legacy Society for Planned Giving page here to learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of the transplant families we serve.

We hope that you will celebrate National Make-A-Will Month this August by making a planned gift to support our mission.

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