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The transplant journey doesn’t end when the patient receives their transplant. It is a long road, and many patients and caregivers struggle with the difficulties that come with post-transplant care. That is why we are offering our “Return Home after Transplant: A Guidebook for Transplant Patients and Families” completely free of charge.

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This comprehensive, 48-page guide will provide resources, activities, and helpful tips on a variety of topics including:

  • Understanding transplant treatment from home
  • Preparing for changes in daily routines
  • Managing your time, energy, and finances
  • Developing a caregiver support plan

And so much more!

This important resource was created by licensed social workers from our Caregiver Lifeline Program at Gift of Life Howie’s House who know the unique challenges transplant families face. It includes practical information and exercises tailored for families transitioning home after transplant.

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