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All Star Requirements

  • Groups must provide at least 12 meals in a calendar year.
    *Please note that groups can sign up for no more than 2 dates in one month.
  • Groups must be signed up and lead by the same group leader. The group leader will be the point of contact for all dates but does not need to be present for each date.
    *Please note that group members can change/rotate for each date if there are multiple departments or a large amount of people interested in participating.   
  • Groups must have the same group name for each date.
  • Please note all volunteers must abide by the illness policy:
    • ILLNESS: Many guests at Howie’s House have weakened immune systems due to their treatment and medication. Exposure to communicable diseases represents a more serious danger to those individuals.
      • If any member of your group has displayed signs of illness within the last 7 days, they may not participate in cooking, handling any of the ingredients, or volunteering at Howie’s House. Examples include signs of infection, flu-like symptoms, rashes, cough, or GI issues.

Home Cook Heroes – The Basics!

Howie’s House meals are served each evening and brunch is served on the weekends. Please read through the information below to learn how to sign up today!

Groups of up to 10 people can provide, prepare (on or off-site) and serve a meal for our transplant families. Please note: If you have children coming to volunteer, we ask that you have one adult for every three children under the age of 18.

Groups may choose to volunteer to prepare and serve:

  • Dinner (Every night at 6 pm)
  • Brunch (Weekends only at 10 am)
  • Baked Goods (Every day during off-peak hours)

View a list of recent meals prepared for our guests.

Groups are only required to bring the ingredients for the meal. Howie’s House will provide all the tools you’ll need to prepare the meal in our fully-equipped kitchen complete with four ovens, stoves, microwaves, and sinks. We will also provide plates, platters, utensils, etc.

The amount of servings needed per meal depends on Howie’s House guest occupancy. Group leaders will be notified prior to their scheduled date with an estimated headcount. Based on our current occupancy over the past several weeks, we usually range from 50-60 people per night.

Sign up in 3 simple steps.

Check the calendar below for available dates and select 12 dates that will work for your group. Any date that does not already list your interested opportunity, would be available. We recommend that you have several possible dates in mind when booking your meal.

Have Fun and Be Creative!

Howie’s House is always in need of more pantry items! While shopping for your meal, please feel free to pick up extra grocery items for our guests or invite your family and friends to contribute!

If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions regarding the Home Cook Heroes program, please contact the Front Desk at (267) 546-9800 between 7AM and 10PM.

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