Activity Guidelines

Don't forget to be creative and have fun!

  1. Groups are limited to 10 volunteers unless approved by the House before your arrival. The House has limited space, so we may not be able to accommodate groups exceeding 10 volunteers. Please contact the Front Desk if there are questions or issues.
  2. Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time to register at the front desk and to set up any materials. Please allow ample time for clean-up, as volunteer groups must depart by 9 pm.
  3. The Activities Program is to benefit our transplant families. Therefore, we do not allow volunteer groups to bring their own audience members.
  4. All ideas for activities are welcome, but they must be approved by our management team before your arrival.
  5. Children under 18 are welcome to volunteer, but they must have supervision from an adult over the age of 21.
  6. We can offer different rooms within the House depending on the space needed for your activity. For the appropriate room to be determined, please discuss your needs with our management team.
  7. Please bring any materials or equipment needed for your activity. Gift of Life Howie’s House relies entirely on donations, so we cannot guarantee we have the items you may need.
  8. Due to the ever-changing nature of organ transplantation, we cannot guarantee the number of individuals who may participate in your activity. Please know this is not a reflection of your performance.
  9. Gift of Life Howie’s House is nondenominational. We accept families of all religions, nationalities, and cultures. Therefore, we cannot accommodate any programs that are religious in nature.
  10. At no point can volunteers be left alone with children currently staying at the House.
  11. We do not accept community restitution or court-ordered volunteers.

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