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Transplant and Emotional Health

All the Emotions, All the Time (2023) Watch Here
This webinar will explore human emotions, why we have them, and what to do about them! This presentation will also review emotions specific to the experiences of transplant recipients.

The Silent Struggle: Living with the Emotional Effects of Organ Transplant (2023) Watch Here
This webinar will review the emotional distress that may accompany organ transplant surgery and strategies to increase overall quality of life with Dr. Mary Rzeszut. 

Coping Practices to Strengthen Your Emotional Health (2021) Watch Here
Dr. Sarah Gulick discusses the impact of depression and anxiety on individuals going through transplant/chronic illness as well as practical techniques and coping skills through ACT Therapy.

Exploring Survivor’s Guilt (2020) Watch Here
A discussion on “Exploring Survivor’s Guilt” with Gift of Life Howie’s House Social Worker Talia Giordano, LCSW and Gift of Life Donor Program Senior Family Support Counselor, Jacquelyn Kates, LSW, CT.

Communicating with your Donor Family (2020) Watch Here
A virtual session on with guest Jacquelyn Kates, LSW, CT, Senior Family Services Counselor at Gift of Life Donor Program.

Transplant’s Influence on Self-Image and Self Esteem (2022) Watch Here
This webinar will explore how self-image and self-esteem can be impacted throughout the transplant process.

The Transplant System and Organ Donation

UNOS: How Transplant Patients Make the Transplant System Work (2020) Watch Here
A webinar with UNOS CEO Brian Shepard and Robert Goodman, Heart Transplant Recipient and Member of UNOS’ Board of Directors.

Transplant Webinar: Organ Donation to Transplant Surgery (2020) Watch Here
Larry Suplee, MS, CTBS, Director, Transplant Information Center with Gift of Life Donor Program shares the process for organ and tissue donation, how organs are procured, allocated, and transported for transplantation, and how the “waitlist” works.

Benefits and Financial

Understanding Medicare for Transplant and How fundraising can Help with Costs not Covered by Insurance (2022) Watch Here
Learn about Medicare eligibility and how it differs depending on the reason for being entitled, how the rules that apply to Medicare vary based on recipient eligibility, and how fundraising for transplant can be a helpful option to cover transplant costs not covered by insurance.

Social Security Benefits and Organ Transplant (2023) Watch Here
A webinar with Pond Lehockey’s Thomas Giordano Jr., Esq on eligibility and the application for SSDI.

Estate Planning for Transplant Patients (2023) Watch Here
This webinar will review Estate Planning 101, including powers of attorney, health care directives and wills. 

Transplant Medication

Transplant Rejection: Rejecting Misinformation about Rejection (2022) Watch Here
Watch this webinar to learn a brief review of anti-rejection medications and different types of treatments for transplant.

Transplant Medication 101 with Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy (2021) Watch Here

Safe Living After Transplant

COVID-19 Update (2022) Watch Here
COVID-19 Update and Transplant with Dr. Judith Anesi, University of Pennsylvania.

Transplant Nutrition

Nutrition after Transplant (2020) Watch Here
Post-transplant nutrition and diabetes. 

Fueling your Body for the Future (2023) Watch Here
Learn the importance of nutrition after transplant and how to reduce the risk of nutritional related side effects of immunosuppressant medications.

Transplant Dermatology

Transplant Dermatology: What You Need To Know (2023) Watch Here
Presented by:  Mark Abdelmalek, MD
Mohs Surgeon, Dermatology of Philadelphia- Mohs Surgery Center
Adjunct Associate Professor of Dermatology, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Skin Cancer After Transplant (2020) Watch Here
Gift of Life Howie’s House joins Penn Medicine’s High Risk Skin Cancer Clinic for a “Skin Cancer After Transplant” webinar. Learn about skin cancer after transplant and detection and prevention methods with experts Elizabeth Hayward, MSN, CRNP and Leora Aizman.

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