In-Person Support Groups

Joining a support group and talking to others in similar situations may help reduce stress.


In-Person Support Groups

Visit Transplant Living/UNOS to find a support group in your area. This site has a list of support groups by state.

You or your loved one’s transplant center may offer general transplant support groups or even groups dedicated to a specific organ. A local hospital, which may be closer than the transplant center, may also offer a support group in your area. Ask your transplant social worker to see if a group is offered at your transplant center.

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Transplant Support and Outreach Groups

Gift of Life Howie’s House and Gift of Life Donor Program support volunteer opportunities for transplant patients and their friends and family members, donor families, and for the general public.

Howie’s House Volunteer Opportunities

Gift of Life Donor Program Opportunities

Transplant Recipients International Organization

Most transplant hospitals offer support groups for their listed and post-transplant patients and families.  Please reach out to your transplant social worker to inquire about transplant support groups through your transplant hospital.

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