About Caregiver Lifeline Program

Gift of Life Howie's House Caregiver Lifeline Program provides services specifically tailored to the needs of organ transplant patients, family members, and caregivers inside and outside the walls of Gift of Life Howie's House.


Our program integrates in-person, email-based, phone, and online support services, educational resources, and community-based outreach activities in the Gift of Life service area.

Please consult our Resource Handbook as a starting point for families. If you don’t find the resources you are looking for through the Caregiver Lifeline Program website, it does not mean we can’t help. Please email us at CaregiverLifeline@GiftofLifeFamilyHouse.org.


What is the Caregiver Lifeline Program?

Caregiver Lifeline Program is an online resource for transplant caregivers and families. Articles, resources, and tools are available to support the caregiver throughout the entire transplant process. Social Workers also provide transplant caregiver education and outreach to support groups throughout the Gift of Life region. To request an education session please email us at CaregiverLifeline@GiftofLifeFamilyHouse.org.

What support is available at Gift of Life Howie's House?

Gift of Life Howie’s House employs a full-time licensed social worker. The social work hours are generally Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. In addition, one day a week a social worker will be in the office until about 8:30PM. If you are a guest staying at the House, no appointment is necessary to see the social worker. The office is located off of the living room on the main level, or a social worker can be reached at 267-546-9817.

What can the social worker help me with?

Resources for paying for travel and lodging and other household bills, employment questions or concerns, resources for medication costs and support handling the emotional ups and downs of transplant caregiving.

What if I'm not staying at Gift of Life Howie's House but have questions or need support?

The Caregiver Lifeline Program is available for any transplant caregiver regardless of whether they are staying at Gift of Life Howie’s House. You can also email or call to speak to a social worker directly.

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