2022 President’s Breakfast

Our 2022 President's Breakfast was a blast!


In the words of Jan Weinstock, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, “It may have been raining, but the sun was certainly shining” at our annual President’s Reception that was held on May 6th, 2022, at Gift of Life Howie’s House. 

After two long awaited years, generous contributors, volunteers and staff were finally able to reunite in person during our Rise and Shine President’s Breakfast. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share many laughs and memories and recognize the continued generosity of our amazing community. 

President and CEO, Rick Hasz along with Jan also had the pleasure of sharing some important milestones reached, updates and remarks about the Howie’s House’s exciting journey ahead and transition into our new name, Gift of Life Howie’s House.

As past guest, transplant recipient and veteran, Jason Vaughn, said in his speech at the reception, “At the Howie’s House I had place to go to after a long day….. I was surrounded by my family as well as a new family of people with the same shared experiences….I want to say thank you to all the contributors who help keep the Howie’s House going, as well as the staff, fellow patients and families. Without you so many people would not have a second chance at life.” 

Past guest, liver and kidney recipient, and military veteran Jason Vaughn delivering his speech as our guest speaker

His gratitude represents the thousands of patients and caregivers supported by the Howie’s House on their journey to hope.

We were also joined by special guests, the Ward family, who stayed at the Howie’s House when they learned their young son Jude needed a liver transplant. Jude received his gift of life in 2017 and the whole family relied on the comforts of the Howie’s House during their transplant journey. 

Many families, such as the Wards, are in desperate need of a clean, warm, place to stay during their transplant journey. In 2017, Nicole Ward learned that her son Jude would need a liver transplant. It was critical that the Ward family felt safe and comforted during their stay. Nicole said, “A simple donation means the world to another family.” 

The Ward Family at the Chimes of Hope

We were honored to have both Jason and the Ward Family ring the Chimes of Hope in celebration of all that the Howie’s House is able to accomplish  because of the generosity of our community. If you were not able to attend this year’s event, you can watch the video on our Facebook page here.

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